About Us

Burnet Auto Salvage has been established since 1972. We are family owned and operated.  Our family has been in the used automotive industry since the 1920s.  Our mother worked for her parents until they sold in 2001 at Austin Salvage Pool, now known as Insurance Auto Auction.  Our father owned Capitol City Auto Parts in Austin until 2011 when he sold to LKQ.  With both of our parents and all of our family members in this industry, it was only natural that we ended up in the industry too.


Burnet Auto Salvage is your reliable partner for any concerns related to your car. Your needs are very important to us, so we always gear our work toward your wishes and requirements.


We will answer all your questions in detail and will make time for you. We are always on the cutting edge and are able to offer you excellent services that are within your price range.


Our many years of experience and our expert know-how have shown us that quality and working together as partners are inseparably linked. That's what we are geared toward!

Our Team

Johnny Ormand, Owner

Office: 512 756-6340

Cell: 512 632-6670

E-mail: johnny@burnetautosalvage.com


Janee Ormand, Owner

Office: 512 756-6340

Cell: 512 970-0856

E-mail: janee@burnetautosalvage.com